It's That Time Of Year Again!

What do you want on YOUR Anime & Manga List? What Do You Want On yuor Anime & Manga List

Hey guys, Ms. Anime here to announce, "It's That Time Of Year Again!" where families and neighbors celebrate the one time special of year! So if you'd please help us earn the spotlight we deserve we need all the help we can get! So if your a Anime or an Manga lover add your favorite Anime or Manga(Make Sure It's True/Exist). Also Mr. Manga, your missing out on all the fun!!!

Hey guys please give our creator/founder Rileyfreeman10 around-of-a-applause for bringing this wiki here, and also give a shout-out to our very first user The Mighty Q, "Thanks for adding pages The Mighty Q!!!" and thanks for creating this wikia Rileyfreeman10!

Santa's coming to visit Anime & Manga Universe so whats YOUR Anime & Manga Wish List? We hope you have all you wishes also! And guys looks like it's going to snow soon in the portal's of Anime & Manga Portal so make sure you be safe and hot during this cold snow weather!

Hey guys there will be some things added to this Blog so Admins feel free to add you own words to this Blog, Thanks this is Ms. Anime Signing off See ya!

Ms. Anime Christmas LookThis is the Anime & Manga Admin Signing off See you next Time!